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Monday, June 18, 2018

Things to do in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas, Nevada(USA).

Me: What comes to your mind when I say Vegas??
Person A: Strip.
Person B: Nightlife, Shopping, Dining.
Me: Wow!! Vegas is called as Entertainment Capital of the world for a reason.

It was around 8 PM, We were on our way to the hotel and I could see colorfully lit up street filled with the happening crowd through my car. While I was involved enjoying the sight, I heard a familiar voice YES!! We are at the world famous strip.

Strip (around 6 KM/4 Miles) is a stretch of themed resort hotels like New York, Eiffel Tower Paris, Venetian Canal, Egyptian Pyramid, Bellagio and more.

Colorfully lit up Strip during the night
Colorfully lit up Strip during the night

These themed hotels are open 24/7. However, most of the crowd is seen during the night which is when strip looks spectacular with vibrant lights, Fountain, Costume walkers. But then roaming around these streets during the day is fun too. Some people prefer to explore the strip during the day. Especially when you are on a trip with kids make sure you visit strip during the day so that kids can roam around free without much of crowd intervention and also they will get to enjoy views of Disney, New York, M&M's world as much as they can.

New York themed casino resort
New York themed casino resort
Gondola rides at the Venetian themed resort
Gondola rides at the Venetian themed resort
Spectacular Paris themed hotel
Spectacular Paris themed hotel

Well, that is not it. There is more to Vegas than just strip and nightlife.

Explore Fremont street, Go see celebrity wedding chapels(I heard that most folks have a fantasy to get married in one of these Vegas chapels), You get to see and experience crazy yet terrifying rides at Stratosphere, Go on a romantic ride and enjoy the view at High Roller,  Do something fun and adventurous(Freefall, Zipline, Hot air balloon, Skydiving), Attend a concert, Spend some time at amazing museums, Take a trip to Grand Canyon, Drive to Hoover Dam.

Fremont Street Experience at Downtown Las Vegas:

Fremont street is one of the famous streets of Vegas after strip. On Fremont Street, You get to experience the stage shows/concerts at free of cost. Get in Golden Nugget, Go on a thrilling zip line, Taste luxurious delicacies at the restaurants.

Golden Nugget at Fremont Street
Golden Nugget at Fremont Street

High Roller:

High Roller/Observation wheel is located at heart of the Vegas Strip. It is a slow-moving ferry wheel ride with an optional bar choice. It takes around 30 mins to complete a single revolution. You can enjoy your drink with your loved one and also get an eagle view of Vegas city.

Wedding Chapels of Vegas:
Did you know, Las Vegas is also known as Marriage capital of world??
It is because of the ease of acquiring a marriage license at very minimal cost. I heard most of the couples fantasize about getting married in Vegas. In fact, You see quite a lot of articles about celebrities who got married in these famous Wedding chapels in Vegas.

Stratosphere Tower:
The stratosphere casino hotel tower is located in between Downtown and Strip. Unlike other casino hotel resorts stratosphere has a Pool, Observation deck, Sky fall/Sky jump and Thrilling rides.

Stratosphere Tower
Stratosphere Tower
Thrilling rides at the top of the tower 
Thrilling rides at the top of the tower

Hoover Dam:
Hoover dam is Arch Gravity dam located in between borders of Nevada and Arizona. It is approx 30-45 minutes drive from Vegas.
The other interesting and coolest part of our Hoover dam trip is that I was able to stand in two different time zones(Pacific and Mountain) and two different states(Nevada and Arizona) simultaneously.

Grand Canyon:
Grand Canyon National park has years of history. It is one of the best natural wonders in the world.
You will be surprised to see how beautiful these blocks of layered soil is. The views of these huge ancient rocks are just breathtaking.

Grand Canyon is around 4 hours drive from Vegas. You can either take a helicopter tour, choose bus tours or you can drive like we did. In fact, we planned our trip to grand canyon via the hoover dam and covered both of these splendid places on the same day.

Apart from breathtaking views, Grand Canyon is famous for horseshoe-shaped glass walkway located 4000+ feet above ground level. I was head over heels to experience Glass Sky Walk. Got entry tickets and stood in the queue waiting for our turn. Once I stepped on glass walkway, I could see the ground level in-fact it felt like I was walking on clouds. 

Sky Walk, Grand Canyon
Glass Sky Walk/Walkway located above 4000 ft
Make sure you wear comfortable shoes and be careful when you are rock hoping because there is a chance you can get your angle strained like i did. Yes!! you heard that right, i got my angle strained on the second day of my Vegas trip and i could not move an inch because of the pain so we rushed to local pharmacy store got some painkillers, hot wraps and i was on roll.

There is this famous quote: "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas." But, Then i shared most of my journey and trip-ventures with some soulful people like you. Hope my blog inspires you guys to travel around the world.