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Friday, October 26, 2018

My First Tandem Sky Diving.

I wanted to experience Tandem Sky Diving for years now and the D-Day is ultimately here!!

I was supposed to go on Sky Diving when I traveled to Las Vegas, Nevada back in 2016. But, I had to drop the plan due to weather conditions and I was extremely disheartened that I did not get to accomplish it. I am glad, I got to achieve it exactly after two years of my initial plan.


Ready Steady Go!!
Reached location precisely on time. On arrival, I was asked to read several pages of waiver and sign it before we proceed. Oh my god!! 6 pages of waiver and every point in the waiver meant the same damn thing "I am solely responsible for the risks involved". It seemed like I was mastering how to use "I am solely responsible for the risks involved" in a sentence/paragraph in 100 different ways. Jokes apart, My Instructor was knowledgeable and knew what he was doing remarkably well. He helped me with the instructions required to perform tandem skydiving safely, helped me gear up the equipment and that is all we were all set, Walked towards our flight and by now my excitement to jump off from 14500 ft above ground level was multiplied by infinite times.

It took us approximately 2-3 minutes of flight travel to reach the specific altitude, My instructor and I walked towards the door, took our position and within a second we jumped off the plane into to the air witnessing the moment I was most anticipating for. Flying like a bird through the blue skies, experiencing the vision of a bird, appreciating the majestic sight of the Atlanta city and in no time our multi-colored parachute was open, and we took a couple of 360 degree spins to experience the thrill also to enjoy the view before we land.
I was super pleased that I got to accomplish one of my desired activities from my bucket list. In fact, I was smiling from ear to ear through the entire span of 5-7 minutes of an adventuresome encounter and this moment will be treasured for life.

Witness every minute details of my first Tandem Sky Diving by watching the video below:

Do not be scared to experience something like this because "You Cannot Fly Till you Jump".

Do share your adventure tales in the comments below also do not forget to specify how did you like it and if you will do it all over again.