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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Go TINY DOOR hunting this summer.

Go TINY DOOR hunting this summer.

Tiny Door ATL in Atlanta, Georgia.

I relocated to Atlanta, Georgia recently and it took me a while to adapt and sink into Atlanta's weather and surroundings.

I got to interact with fellow hikers on a trail the other day. Once they learned that I was new to Atlanta they started pouring in some suggestions about must visit places in Atlanta. I shortlisted few of the places and went on to visit, soon do I realize that these are the hyped go to places with long queues, overpriced entry, and parking fee. Although I liked visiting these popular and trendy places, I would love to explore not so popular yet interesting places.

After some research, I came across the Tiny Door ATL project. Now you might wonder, What is a tiny door project??

"POP UP door at Atlanta BeltLine"

It is an Atlanta based art project started in 2014 by two artists named Karen Anderson and Sarah Meng. They go around the city installing 6 inch artistically crafted and curated tiny doors. They have installed more than 12 doors so far and each door is uniquely arranged and decorated to fit its surroundings.

These are so little that you often walk past tiny whiny doors for days or even months and never see them. I went treasure hunting on Belt Line and it took me few walks to spot them and once I was on spot glancing these miniatures I realized these are designed flawlessly to fit the wall and the surroundings.

And then your curious self-starts throwing some questions like what is behind these doors? do you see a garden once you open the door just like it did in Alice in Wonderland? Well, it is left to your wild and creative imagination because you cannot open these doors.

One of the best thing about this creative project is, There is no headache of standing in the queue and buying overly priced entry ticket because Tiny Door ATL provides free access to all. So, Explore as many as you can. Go with your Friends/Kids/Girl Friend/Boy Friend be it anybody and trust me they will love it.

Information about the location of ATL Tiny Doors:

" ATL at Georgia aquarium"
1. Krog Street tunnel.
2. Pop up door at BeltLine.
3. Inman park pet works.
4. Aquarium Door at Georgia Aquarium
5. The tree door located near Carter Center
6. Little shop of stores located in Decatur Square.
7. Another one at BeltLine-Paris on Ponce near the Eiffel Tower.
8. Westside Trail - Atlanta BeltLine.
9. The tiny door at Center for Puppetry Art.
10. Tiny Door at Grant Park Farmers Market.
11. Miltown Arms Tavern: This one is famous for engraving names on brick and if you look carefully you will even find a marriage proposal (she said yes!).
12. Grant Park Tree Door.
13. Charis Books and More located at an old bookstore.

I have come across several artistic projects but this is so unique that it stole my heart. Karen and Sarah do not just design door they also interact and host community events like tiny birthday, Tiny door opening, Ribbon cutting. So if you guys want to interact with the team and know more about ATL then go ahead and attend one of their events.


  1. This is such a cool idea! I love it! I would love to see something like his in my city. If ever I am in Atlanta, I'll definitely go tiny door hunting!

  2. O wow!! I've never heard about this! Tiny doors look really sooo cute and pretty haha like a home of a small little creatures :D

  3. This is so cute! I kind of want to visit Atlanta just to go tiny door searching lol.

  4. This is such a cute idea, I love it! I also love those bright photos!

  5. I am from Ann Arbor, MI and we also have tiny doors throughout the city. They call them fairy doors. Such fun when you spot one. Thanks for this article, I will be looking for tiny doors next time I am in Atlanta.

  6. I never knew about any such place before reading this blog! this is like a discovery for me haha . I would definitely like to go door hunting to this place. It would be so interesting to click these tiny cute doors.

  7. That is such a great and creative idea. SUPER cute! A fun little street art project.

  8. This is such an innovative idea! Great that you chose to do something so different on your trip