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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Hot Air Balloon Ride.

Hot Air Balloon Ride.

Romantic Hot Air Balloon Ride:

Balloons Over Fayetteville was a fun, family-friendly event that featured tethered Hot Air Balloon Rides, an amazing after dark Balloon Glow,  Arts/Crafts, Local Food Trucks, Play area for kids and much more. 

Before I start off with my experience I would like to share some historical as well as fun facts with you guys and I am sure you will be amazed:
1. Ballooning is an ancient concept and It is extremely popular in Chinese history. 
2. Not humans but sheep and duck were one of the very first passengers of Hot Air Balloon.
3. Observation balloons were used during both the world wars.

Unlike how today's generation(yes that includes me) assume hot air balloon as just fun ride and part of their bucket list, Isn't it fun to know how this ballooning concept was put to use over the centuries??

Now that we all have a rough idea about its history, Let me walk you through my experience.
You guys, I can't express how fascinated I was with these giant and beautiful floating airbags. I have been wanting and waiting to experience this adventurous yet romantic ride for almost year now and finally, the day is here!!

As we drove across the community I could see giant and colorful balloons across the road. Just the view of it awakened the kid in me and made me excited and thrilled. 

It was past 7 in the evening, Nice weather and there was a tiny queue for the rides and finally our turn. Rising smooth and up in the air, within a few seconds we were in between land and clouds. Calmness around us was intervened with occasional burner noise/effect and the passing cloud view from the balloon was spectacular. Our pilot was quite outgoing and friendly in fact he cracked few jokes here and there. We were very much involved in enjoying the peaceful balloon ride that we almost forgot that it is time to land. Since the weather was awesome there were not much of bumps during landing. The landing was smooth like our ride. 

Within a few minutes, we were done with our Hot Air Balloon Ride. It was one of the splendid experiences I have had so far. Can't wait to experience something like this all over again. Once we were done with our ride, We stayed back to enjoy after dark balloon show. 

After dark balloon show/balloon glow is a special activity which offers the crowd a spectacular combination of fire, colors, and music. Visually hot air balloons look just like huge Chinese lanterns spread across the dark sky with some background music. We enjoyed every bit of the night glow event while relishing the delicious food from a local vendor.